Granite Peak Development, LLC
Mr. Rich Fairservis
P.O. Box 51568
Casper, Wyoming 82605

“…I’ve known and worked with Lyle on numerous
projects spanning the last twelve years from the
standpoint of client/owner, contractor, developer,
and combinations of these. I was even instrumental in
inviting Lyle to return to Casper six years ago when 
our options for effective architects in the region
became limited.

What sets Lyle apart from others in his profession is
his willingness to truly listen to what I want, not what he
wants from my projects. Furthermore, Lyle understands
the true sequence of construction and is able to provide
the information needed to keep our quick developing,
fast-track and design building projects moving forward
without delays as I’ve found with other design professionals.
In the fast-paced world of development there is no
room for the typical “architect” indecision or lack 
of responsiveness, and none of that exists with Lyle

Lastly, Lyle is a master of good design – probably not
“architectural magazine” type of design, but true and 
practical design that fits with the character of our community
and region. I’ve not received so many complements on
the buildings that I’ve developed before bringing 
Lyle on as my architect.

Rich Fairservis, President/Principal