Kloefkorn-Ballard Construction
Mr. Mike Ballard (Retired)
1051 Pou Road
Casper, Wyoming 82601

“Please consider this letter of recommendation written
on behalf of Lyle Murtha. I have known and worked with
Lyle on several commercial projects over the past ten years.
In my thirty years of being in the business I have 
rarely worked with a more competent architect. We’re
always interested in participating in a project that he
is involved with.
 With his projects we are assured that the 
project will be done correctly and that we will be treated fairly
as a part of the team. I believe his knowledge of construction
details and solutions to problems are superior to most
 I have also had a chance to watch him work on
Auto Cad and I am absolutely amazed at his speed and accuracy.

We have sat in on meetings with Lyle and an Owner during
conceptual design. In my opinion, Lyle is one of the best as
it relates to design and aesthetics. His projects have a
signature without sacrificing cost.
 If I was an owner I would
certainly want Lyle on my team…”

Mike Ballard (retired), Kloefkorn-Ballard Construction
(At the time, one of the state's largest and arguably most
successful contractors; has since retired. Lyle was an
un-licensed intern architect at the time of this letter in 2000)