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About the Firm

Stateline No. 7 Architects was founded on August 5, 2005 as a corporation by Lyle Murtha, AIA. The company's original office location was at 1607 CY Avenue, Suite 203, Casper, Wyoming 82604. The firm relocated to its' permanent home at 444 South Center Street, Casper, Wyoming (T Square Building) just prior to its' eight year anniversary at the end of July, 2013. Long-time project manager, Anthony Jacobsen, AIA, became a Principal of the firm in 2016.

The goal of the firm is to produce high quality design with a high degree of technical competence; all while being easy to get along with. The firm expanded to six persons within the first five years and maintains this relative size staff while offering professional services in Casper, across Wyoming, and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Current professional registrations (architecture) of the firm include Wyoming and South Dakota. Since inception, the firm has offered full-service in house architectural and interior design services while maintaining relationships with outside consultants for supporting engineering and design.

The firm takes immense pride in the quality of work produced, professionalism of staff, and easy-going attitude of everyone involved in the design and construction of building projects.

We strive to provide innovative, cost effective design solutions to a broad range of building types and we have built a reputation for building design that is sensitive to Wyoming and to the surrounding region. Each project is unique, and we match our services to each project in a fashion most beneficial to each client.

The firm has already gained the respect as a leader in the architectural profession in the region. Our work includes varying building types, and we apply the same project approach to all projects, which is how we have been successful on such varying building types.

The firm has assembled a network of in-house and consulting design professionals. We work hard to build relationships and accountability with owners and contractors and to be responsive when needed; even long after facility occupancy.

We emphasize and encourage coordination and open, ongoing dialog with facility users and owners. Our willingness to listen and involve clients in the entire design process is unique and necessary for project success.

We highly encourage clients to be a part of and to participate during the entire design process; this ensures that the owner is satisfied with the design solution.

Our design goal is the be the conduit for the owners' vision to be realized. This philosophy has lead to the creation of buildings that are distinguished, yet not pretentious, and in keeping with each owner's vision. We do not prescribe to any certain "style" of architecture. Rather, we respond to each and every individual owner's desires concerning the design of their particular facility.

We are actively trying to "break the mold" of the difficult-to-work-with architect/interior designer and our success is a tribute to our dedication to this philosophy. We are firmly committed to giving back to the community, monetarily and through our architecture and involvement in the community.

Lyle Murtha ▪ Principal Architect:
   Lyle T. Murtha, AIA
Anthony Jacobsen

▪ Principal Architect:
   Anthony R. Jacobsen, AIA

Kelly ▪ Intern Architect:
   Kelly Fox