Windsor Block, LLC
Mr. Daniel J. Senftner
617 ½ St. Joseph Street, Suite 7
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701

“As owner of several historic properties in downtown
Rapid City, I spent considerable time searching out the
right team to rehabilitate the 1886 Windsor Block. …My
vision was to uncover the original façade, through
restoration and reconstruction, and at the same time turn
the warehouse space into luxury lofts for downtown living.

The major construction company that I hired from Rapid 
City recommended Stateline Architecture.
Although I
did have several local firms very interested in the project, I
made a visit to Stateline at their office in Casper, Wyoming.
I realized the company was very organized and professional.
I also found that there was a real interest in the historic aspect
of the building and the importance of maintaining its integrity 
inside as well.

I did have some concerns about Stateline being in
Wyoming and my project being in Rapid City, but that
quickly diminished with several visits to the project site
from Stateline.
  …The project progressed rather quickly with
changes required throughout the construction process. Stateline
was always right back with me with recommendations, often the
same day.

I highly recommend Stateline Architecture and would 
use them again.

Daniel J. Senftner, Owner