Adams Museum
Ms. Mary Kopco, (Former) Director Adams Museum Board
150 Sherman Street
Deadwood, South Dakota 57732

“… Lyle Murtha is a topnotch, honest, and creative architect…

First and foremost, Lyle Murtha listens to what his
clients want.
He was always careful to ensure that his 
designs were acceptable to the Deadwood Historic
Preservation Commission, and complied with the very
specific historic preservation rules and regulations. …He
developed a mutually respectful relationship between
my board and the commission that made both groups
feel positive about the project.

In addition to being an effective listener, Lyle Murtha
thinks creatively in terms of space use and design.
He was
challenged with taking an architecturally eclectic building and making it
comply with modern ADA safety regulations. This was no small feat…

Finally, Lyle Murtha has great integrity as an architect. 
He treated everyone involved in the project with respect, and 
always responded quickly to questions as they arose. He was 
careful to stay within the budget with a minimum of change
orders. Although building construction is never easy,
Lyle Murtha made the process as painless as possible.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Lyle Murtha
to you. He will do a find job with any project to which
he sets his hand.

Mary A. Kopco, (Former) Director Adams Museum Board