▪ 2022 Rocky Mountain Excellence in Construction,

Thyra Thomson Office Building
: Merit Award

▪ 2021 AIA Western Mountain Region Design Excellence,
David Street Station: Citation Award

Jury comments:

"Revitalization and creation of a public space and public amenity. Jury appreciated on the description not only of the design but of the process including community engagement and an understanding and study of the ripple effects or impact the project has had on the local areas."

2020 AIA Wyoming Design Award, Art 321:
Citation Award

Jury comments:

"A sensitive adaptation of an old warehouse, Art 321 now provides an art space that skillfully retains the history and culture of the city while at once embracing a new program for the arts. The minimal moves and restraint in design are to be commended."

"Art 321 has carefully restored an old warehouse into a wonderful center for the arts. By reusing the existing warehouse structure and skillfully adding a new program for the arts, the art 321 building will provide a project that retains the history and culture of the city. Art 321 uses restraint in the design materials and elements, while providing new design detailing and materials that artfully blend with the old."

"Good adaptive reuse. Meaningful "before" work pictures; restrained design on both interior and exterior and allows buildings to show its age and varied uses through history; entrance area is very inviting; would've liked to see more of the overall site context/streetscape."

"On a budget and community enhancing, minimal moves all reasonable, restrained and appropriate. Sensitive adaptation."

▪ 2020 AIA Wyoming Design Award,
Mineral Resource Storefronts: Citation Award

Jury comments:

"The South Store Fronts is a small project that is a striking example of how an old building can be transformed into a new character by minimal means. It is a cost-effective solution that sensitively uses a combination of a few materials that not only unify the facade, but add charm and curb-appeal for the tenants."

"The South Store Fronts project is a striking example of the renovation of an existing building. The upgraded facade enriches the overall appearance of the building by skillfully using massing, scale, detailing and materials."

"Quite a change from previous appearance--the power of a "before" photo. Simple, cost-effective solution that sensitively uses a combination of a few materials that not only unify the facade but adds charm and enhances curb appeal for the tenants."

"Took a very industrial box and made a pedestrian-friendly, inviting facade and some nice details."

2020 AIA Wyoming Design Award, Barn Loft:
Merit Award

Jury comments:

"Barn Loft respects what was, what can be, and what is. It exemplifies an appropriate adaptive re-use project in its wabisabi restraint. This honest, humble and sensitive restoration of both the exterior and interior, provides a cohesive response to program while successfully restoring and re-introducing historic architecture and details. A glimpse into the building's past, with well crafted materials, provides a wonderful atmosphere in which to live."

"The Barn Loft project is a wonderful example of a restoration project that is restrained, yet tasteful and creative in the reuse of materials while introducting new contemporary materials. The exterior and interior provide a cohesive response to the program while successfully restoring and reintroducing historic architecture and details."

"Very nice renovation that shows the remarkable difference between "what was" and "what can be or what is"! The floor plan's simplicity respectfully responds to the overall shape and form of the original loft. The use of pocket doors shaped to follow the exterior gambrel roof sensitively responds to the original form. The restoration of the exterior roof and masonry allow the building's history to show through and offer a glimpse into the building's past while displaying a well-cared-for historic residence."

"Adaptive reuse, really made a beautiful interior living space working with the barn roof framing and inserting appropriate new interior elements. On the exterior you see the age of the building and the new elements are carefully handled to be in sympathy with the original structure."

▪ 2020 AIA Wyoming Design Award,
David Street Station: Excellence Award

Jury comments:

"David Street Station is an admirable example of architecture in its broader context. By blending site, program, and multifuctions, it establishes a delightful commmunity space and regenerates the town. The architecture pulls from historic materials and elements, and yet uses contemporary detailing solutions and site elements which combine to make a strong connecton to place."

"David Street Station is an admirable example of the successful blending of program, function and site. David Street Station provides a unique and delightful multi-use community space. The architecture pulls from historic materials and elements, and yet provides contemporary detailing solutions that combine to provide an exemplary architectural and public space solution."

"Excellent use of site delineating clear paths of movements through a variety of site uses. Aerial/drone photo showing the site early evening captures the strength of the design solution and the site elements relationships to the surrounding streets and buildings."

"Excellent project, really seems to reenergized the city and has cool details and connections to place. Details are strong throughout. I like the performance pavilion, the awesome fire pit and the fun lighting."

▪ 2020 Old Yellowstone District Award
, Municipal Garage:
Substantial Building Renovation and Reuse

▪ Old Yellowstone District Award
, Mineral Resources South Facade Remodel: Redevelopment Partner 2018-2019

▪ Old Yellowstone District Award
, David Street Station:
New Construction 2018-2019; Landscaping 2018-2019

▪ American Society of Landscape Architects - Merit Award, David Street Station: Great Plains Chapter, 2018

▪ Old Yellowstone District Award,
Redevelopment Partner 2017-2018: Awarded to Stateline No.7 Architects

Wyoming Arts Council, Governor's Arts Award 2017,
Art 321

Old Yellowstone District Award Winner, 2015-2016,
Art 321:


Substantial Building Renovation/Reuse - Commercial Property

Facade Upgrade - Commercial Property

Landscaping - Commercial Property

Creative Signage

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▪ AIA Wyoming's 2017 Honor Awards
"Architectural Firm of the Year" recipient

The Rapid City Historical Preservation, Commission Norm E. Nelson Preservation Achievement Award for Preservation Excellence, 2009: Windsor Block Lofts in  Rapid City, South Dakota
Interior - Brick Corner
Exterior- Windsor Block Lofts


▪ Behlen Building Systems, 2007 Building of the Year Outstanding Performance Award: Honda of Casper in Casper, Wyoming

▪ Behlen Building Systems, 2006 Building of the Year Outstanding Performance Award: WYO Central Federal Credit Union in Casper, Wyoming


▪ Feature Article in Metal Building Construction News August 2010 Issue: Granite Peak Business Center in Casper, Wyoming

Behlen Building Systems 2009 Building of the Year  Outstanding Performance Award: Granite Peak Business Center

▪ One of just seven Wyoming firms featured on Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office’s Website: Historic Consultants/Architects with Historic Preservation Experience.

▪ Casper Channel 3: Preservation Casper