Natrona County School District
Sagewood Elementary School
Ms. Lynn M. Kahler (Retired)
2451 Shattuck Ave.
Casper, Wyoming 82619

“During the summer of 2010, Sagewood Elementary School experienced a major remodeling project, resulting in “right-sizing” classrooms and reconfiguring the entryway in order to provide better security. The association with Stateline No. 7 Architects, under the direction of Lyle Murtha, was a major factor in the success of this incredible undertaking.

The work that was done by Mr. Murtha was exceptional. It was a pleasure working with Lyle and his associates. Whenever we had questions, concerns, or suggestions, Lyle was always willing to listen and advise. His ability to develop a rapport with the staff at Sagewood was critical, and as a result, the entire Sagewood community benefitted from that relationship. Changes were made at every turn, and Lyle was able to analyze those interests and meet our needs with countless revisions – each one continually improving the overall results.

I would highly recommend Stateline when considering architectural needs, and would attest to their abilities to perform quality work in a collaborative and cooperative manner."

Lynn M. Kahler, (Former) Principal