Jonah Bank of Wyoming
Mr. Mark Zaback
1940 Elk Street
Casper, Wyoming 82609

“… To date, Stateline has been our architectural partner in
four buildings for a total of eight projects. Our projects have
covered the spectrum, including new builds, complete remodels
and expansions.

Lyle’s most invaluable strength is his ability and commitment to
understanding his client’s conceptual vision prior to applying
his own style. Many architects have a signature style and
cannot seem to stray from that, regardless of the project. Lyle
invested his time getting to know us, our concept for Jonah
Bank and what we wanted our facilities to say about us.
importantly, he understood and delivered on how we would like
our customers to feel when visiting one of our banks.

Over the past six years, as a team, we have built three banks
with a consistently comfortable warm feel; branding Jonah
Bank just as we hoped. Lyle and his team allowed our facilities
to become a part of our brand, rather than just a structure
housing our bank. We have incorporated that warm,
comfortable feel into our website, brochures and all marketing
materials. Not often does a building’s exterior and interior
design become the centerpiece of an entire marketing concept.

We consider ourselves very blessed to have Lyle and
Stateline as a partner in “Building a Better Wyoming”…”

Mark Zaback, President and CEO, and Kim Devore, CFO