Jonah Bank of Wyoming
Mr. Gregg D. Jones
205 Storey Boulevard
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

“…Our bank was familiar with the quality, efficiency, and helpfulness of Mr. Murtha’s work as a result of completing a prior job for us on another banking facility in Casper, WY, and there was absolutely no hesitation in engaging his firm to perform this job.

We have found that Mr. Murtha has the ability to combine his technical skill together with being an advocate for his client during the construction phase of the project. He has an innate talent to bring together the occasionally diverse interests of the subs, the general, and the owner to facilitate the timely and  accurate completion of the project.

No project of this size is without issues. This is where we felt Mr. Murtha really helped us. We feel his willingness to listen to our thoughts and suggestions is his single most admirable quality. ..

We would highly recommend Stateline No. 7 for future work…”

Gregg D, Jones, Cheyenne President