Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Mr. Steve Sharon, (Former) Fish Culture Supervisor
6443 Gothberg Road
Casper, Wyoming 82604

“…Lyle has surrounded himself with employees that
share his same ideals of truly listening to the client 
and being there in every step of the way from draft
design to final completion… I have worked with four
other architectural firms in my 23 years as an
administrator for the agency and Stateline No. 7
Architects is the first to fully incorporate our unique
needs in developing buildings that match the form 
and function required, resulting in facilities that
proudly represent the Department and State of 
Wyoming. Their relationship with our design team
has simply been the best we have experienced.
resulting drawings and project specifications are tight
with very little adjustment. This develops a construction
environment that is well organized, allowing both the owner
and the construction management team the opportunity
to successfully communicate with the contractor in a positive
open relationship. During both  projects at Ten Sleep
and Speas hatcheries, the Stateline team has also been
very vigilant in assuring that the contractors meet the
quality required and take pride in the work completed. 
Their attention to detail has resulted in two projects
that elevated the pride of the personnel working at the
facilities and will serve the State of Wyoming very well 
far into the future

Steve Sharon, (Former) Fish Culture Supervisor