Art 321
Casper Artists' Guild

Ms. Holly Turner, (Former) Executive Director
321 Midwest Street
Casper, Wyoming 82601

“…The Casper Artists Guild started dreaming about this move
and renovation of an old warehouse over three years ago and
first worked with another architect for a short time and it wasn’t
a good fit.  Through another recommendation we found Lyle Murtha’s
firm and have never looked back; this was our guy and he got our vision!
We could have never accomplished this amazing transformation
of the guild and space without Lyle…

I, in all my years in the non-profit world, have never met a more organized,
detailed, creative and visionary person than Lyle Murtha.  A project like
this is so overwhelming and he made it feel like it was manageable,
doable, and it turned out incredible!  Lyle went above and beyond with his
help and included ‘extras’ like him actually fabricating the interior signage
by adding rust, designing to the last little detail from out donor wall to our
fixtures and furniture…

Since we have been in the building we have received so many compliments
on the transformation of the building and it is truly one of the most incredible
spaces in Casper.  We loved the attention paid to honoring and respecting the
history and character of the building and the reuse of materials in the building
make it a one of a kind space honoring the past and launching us into a bright future.

There are always many bumps in the road in projects like this: fundraising, power
challenges, etc. and with Lyle’s help we persevered and had the confidence in our vision.
We made the deadlines for our grand opening because of Lyle’s help and advice.
His support was with us the whole way from marketing with Lyle’s professional
photographer’s photos, professional tours to the community…

I truly don’t think we would ever have accomplished this project without
Lyle and his team.  We are thrilled with the results and would do it all
over again with Stateline No. 7!”

Holly Turner, (Former) Executive Director
Art 321
Casper Artists Guild