Caspar Building Systems, Inc
Mr. Stephen F. Sasser
1975 Old Salt Creek Highway
Casper, Wyoming 82601

“…As a General Contractor, Caspar Building
Systems, Inc. has appreciated the completeness of
the plans generated by Stateline and the ease of
communications and problem resolution we have
experienced when working on a Stateline project.

We understand the importance of a complete and 
well designed set of plans. Not only are they critical 
for a smooth construction schedule, they are
necessary to protect the Owner from unforeseen
cost overruns and unnecessary expenditures.

Stateline has always shown itself to be a design firm
who places the success of the project first and has
always been responsive to questions and information
requests from the general contractor as well as sub-

We will always welcome Stateline No. 7 Architects
as our project designer. We consider them a major 
asset on any project team

Stephen F. Sasser, Owner