Pine Bluffs Recreation and Community Center
Ms. Sonya Fornstrom
P.O. Box 429
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming 82082

“‚ĶFrom the very beginning of the project Lyle was very attentive
to what our needs were and did and excellent job in helping us to
envision the overall project.
In the planning stages, Lyle provided
quality choices from which to choose from in all aspects of the
project from the different elevations of the building and
landscaping to the interior planning and design.

Working with tax payer monies, it was very important for us to do
the very best we could with what funding we had. I was very
impressed with how well Lyle and his associates were able to be
creative with their ideas in designing our remodel.
I found Lyle to
be very conscientious and most of all I appreciated how
committed he was to our project. As our project progressed
Lyle was very professional in dealing with our contractor for the
project and there seemed to be a mutual respect between them
which I felt was very helpful and made for a very pleasant working
environment for me.

As our project came to a close Lyle's attention to details never
wavered. I felt he did and excellent job keeping everyone on track
and moving forward to completion. Now that our project is
complete I am able to look back and see that if I were to do it all
over again, there are very few changes, if any, that I would make..."

Sonja Fornstrom, Director